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Engine #2

Jay believes that providing for the safety of Holyoke Residents should be the number one priority of any elected official.  The recent decision to close down Holyoke Fire Engine #2 is a tremendous error.  Engine #2 services much of Downtown Holyoke, The Flats, Elmwood and South Holyoke.  These sections of the city are at the highest risk for serious fire as they contain most of the oldest buildings in the city and are by far the most densely populated.   Jay will immediately begin work to reopen Engine #2 and ensure the highest risk areas of our city are receiving appropriate coverage from our Fire Dept.

Aggressively clean up discarded needles 

Jay will immediately go to work removing used hypodermic needles from our city streets, parks and public spaces.  All Park and Recreation and Dept of Public Works staff will be trained in safe needle pickup and disposal.  Further, Jay will press large pharmacies, which distribute thousands of needles every month, to begin accepting used needles or compensating the City of Holyoke for Needle disposal.  Jay will work with Tapestry Health and the State Department of Public Health to find a better solution to the ongoing issue of discarded needles.  Jay will provide stipends through Community Block Grant monies to community organizations willing to play a proactive role in getting needles off our streets.  

Support Community Organizations

Jay will support community programs such as New Horizons, The Safe Streets Youth Initiative and The Nurturing Father Program at Enlace de Familias.  We have to invest in our young people to give them better opportunities to become successful members of society. Addressing the root causes of crime in our city is the most efficient and effective method for improving the quality of life for all our citizens.