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Campaign Finance Reform:

Ending Pay for Play Once and for All

Jay believes that City Hall should be open to every resident and business owner in the City of Holyoke. Campaign contributors should not be given a priority status when accessing elected officials. Jay will work with the Holyoke City Council to create a set of modernized campaign finance bylaws which will make it impossible for future politicians to make decisions based on what is best for their donors, rather than the residents of Holyoke. The controversy surrounding city towing contracts under the current administration is a black stain on our city and Jay commends the Holyoke City Council for taking steps to prevent further abuses.


Jay strongly believes that Holyoke residents have a right to know how every decision in their local government is being made. Jay will publish an annual report listing the salary of every Holyoke employee, Home Values, Tax Rates, Free Cash and Stabilization Balances and New Economic Growth, all in relation to other communities. Residents should be able to compare Holyoke's position relative to other comparable communities to have context to what is really happening in their city.